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We have become carbon negative - more than sustainable

Caption's vision is to inspire market change by our own example. Service companies in Lithuania talk little about their carbon footprint. So we have decided to show how we eliminated ours.

Almost all of our office furniture is second-hand. And the ones we bought new – were purchased from companies offsetting their CO2 emissions.
We recycle waste. Yes, batteries and light bulbs too. Simple but every little counts.
We gave up using water dispensers - tap water is as delicious.

2. Reduction

Before buying any product or service, we ask ourselves "is this the most sustainable option?"

We select all suppliers by weighing their sustainability commitments

For example: office electricity is generated by renewable sources, mobile services – provided by the company acknowledged as the most sustainable, and the taxi company itself offsets its CO2 emissions.

Using a three-step process: calculating, reducing, restoring. We followed the GHG protocol and the advice of sustainability mentors along the way.

1. Calculation

Our activities last year generated 30 tons of CO2 (of which 10 were already offset by our suppliers). The average Lithuanian generates 8. <30 people team, but emissions like four. Not bad! But we didn't stop there.

We also included employee trips to and from the office in the emissions calculations. Here are the numbers we have:

3. Restoring the balance

Our experience

In addition to what you’ve found here, we also have detailed notes of everything we did, were not able to do, and where to find good tools and sources of information. We invite you to share this page with those who could initiate a sustainability issue in your organisation. Hope this will inspire.
We understand that we are a small part of the whole picture of nature conservation, so the strongest of our contributions will be communication, not trees. More knowledgeable – more conscious.

5.4 trees are needed to lock in 1 ton of CO2. We owe 178 to nature, but we have already planted over 1000. This is called carbon negative.

3. Restoring the balance

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