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A job in digital marketing has grown into an e-commerce shop. In the course of its development, the idea of testing the waters of Instagram communication was born. This eventually evolved into working with freelancers, and as the volume of projects increased, it became an agency.

35+ people – still an experiment? Probably not anymore, yet we allow ourselves plenty of space for testing.

Caption – born out of an experiment




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We grow—both our clients’ businesses and ourselves—through experimenting. 

We cut a hole in the ice, jump in to check it out, and then invite the client to step in. From TikTok to employee advocacy, we try everything and whatever works, we scale like crazy.

No need to worry – all the risks are measured in our laboratory. The probability of an undesired chain reaction is almost equal to 0.

We put great trust in our colleagues by default, whether they are in senior or junior positions. As a result, the client is cared for by not just one project manager, but the whole team, including creatives, designers, and assistants.

Team development, work environment, and teamwork are very important to us. We believe that you perform best if you take care of yourself first. When the whole team is in the right mindset, we are able to provide our clients with the results they so much desire.

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