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A competitor company published an outdoor advertisement that distorted the local dialect and undermined the services of our client Splius. Shortly after, people on Facebook started commenting and posting about this ad, expressing that they felt misunderstood and ridiculed because no one in this region would ever speak the language used in the ad. One of the adjectives used to describe a local resident was ‘normal’. 

We responded to the provocative message from the competitor company and demonstrated that we're not afraid to engage in a little  advertising 'battle.' Moreover, we maintained the communication tone of our client and avoided undermining the services of the competitor.


Users on Facebook responded positively to the comeback by our client, 'Splius.' Some commented that it was amusing to see two providers engaging in a ‘conversation’ right in their hometown.

We swiftly mobilized our team and in response to that we launched a campaign for our client within the next two days. The outdoor ad read: ‘No one tells a true local which internet provider should they pick.’ 


We chose not to use the adjective ‘normal’ in our response and used ‘true’ instead because we are socially aware and avoid appealing to outdated views of ‘normalcy.’ We carefully tracked feedback on Facebook and published an article in the local press about this advertising battle.

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