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EYE Vilnius

EYE (European Youth Event) is coming to Vilnius for the first time

European youth event 2024 concept, visual identity and PR communication

Event concept
Visual templates

About the event

The European Youth Event, which takes place every two years, travels around the cities of various European Union countries in order to introduce local youth and foreign visitors to European values, opportunities and entertainment.

Visions without borders

It has no borders, because EU opportunities are available to everyone and anyone. Visions - reflect the themes of the event and the boundless dreams of young people. The message also conveys the rebellious spirit of youth.

Visual identity

Vilnius sees a future full of possibilities and innovations – a vision embodied by the merger of the symbol of the EYE project with Gediminas Tower.

Instagram and Facebook templates

PR Articles

Press releases about the event, invitation to register for program activities, announcement a week before the event and post-event communication.

At the youth event "EYE Vilnius" - Paul de Miko, discussions, a free concert in "Lukiškės prison 2.0" and the closing ceremony in Bernardinai garden

Registration for the "EYE Vilnius" festival for young Europeans begins

For the first time, the European youth unifying festival "EYE Vilnius" will be held in Vilnius

Moments from the EYE Vilnius event