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Kaunas Piano Fest

Social media content and management I Advertising


A big part of the young crowd that’s not familiar with classical piano music thinks that it’s boring, strange, and enjoyed exclusively by snobs. The goal was to come up with a visual concept to grab the attention of the young audience and prove that not only Kaunas Piano Fest, but classical music in general, is cool. 



tiek kartų, 2 savaites trūkusi reklaminė kampanija, buvo parodyta soc. tiklų vartotojų ekranuose.


Kaunas Piano Fest atsiliepimu, jauni žmonės, jų aplinkoje, reklamą matė „visur”.


Our campaign targeted the young demographic with bold, eye-catching visuals and a captivating slogan – “You don’t need to understand. Come. Listen”. The visuals reflected wordplay of mixing classical music terms with daily lingo.

The campaign was seen on social media (Facebook, Instagram), in trolleys, bus stops, and public places around Kaunas, as well as in the form of merch.

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