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Western Union Lithuania is a valuable employer on the market, providing jobs for almost 2000 employees. Also, the company is constantly looking for new specialists and expanding its team. With 50+ nationalities, 27 average age and 95% millennials as employees, Western Union seeks to showcase its diverse and inclusive working environment through social media. Not only to attract potential candidates but also to add a spark to internal communication.


How to:

  • Reveal WU Lithuania key values and culture?

  • Attract new potential employees in such a competitive market?

  • Keep a vast amount of current employees aware of what's going on in the office?


In order to interest the target audience, WU began sharing the content of the authentic, unstaged and diverse company life.


Since most of the employees are millennials, Instagram was a perfect platform fit, suitable for engaging visuals and proactive interactions.


The strategy is focused on three key topics: Diversity, Office Life and Careers. 


We divided them into communication threads that are carried out throughout the year. These subtopics include events (Summer, Winter festivals, trainings and conferences), team traditions, personal stories from the experts, hidden talents and the inside life of a multicultural community.



  • Opportunity  to tell the stories of talented, diverse and professional people of #WULithuania

  • Individual employees and departments taking part in content creation as well as engaging with it actively

  • Additionally, the culture and energy of WU Lithuania attracted potential candidates and many other people interested in office life topics, innovative finance industry, success stories and career growth!




Straight from the brand

Instagram’s currency is authenticity, which is also a value for our target audience. So, instead of blindly following trends, we always have our core values in mind. Professionalism, diversity, open-mindedness, positivity, growth, social responsibility is all conveyed through sharing personal experiences and stories. With the help of the agency, we can also add the visual impact and leverage Instagram’s functionality to strengthen our identity.

Behind the scenes