It is our firm belief that we can achieve almost all communication (and business) goals with the power of social networking.

But managing social media is no mean feat. There’s a lot to do to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Formats are constantly shifting as tools are being updated. Needless to mention, advertising, planning, and optimization that require a lot of in-depth studies.

And yet, there is the endless driving force that makes this entire experience fun: we like it ruthlessly! And, according to customers, we are doing it remarkably.

We have a team of social media experts who are well versed in the following areas:


  • Auditing and analysis of current communication;

  • Crafting strategies to reach target audience;

  • Development of short and long term communication and sales strategies;

  • Textual and visual content development for creating brand awareness;

  • Social media administration;

  • Content production, planning, and refinement;

  • Interacting with followers via private messages or comments;

  • Developing effective Facebook advertising campaigns;

  • Creating funnels that convert traffic into sales;

  • Deploying and configuring Facebook Pixels for conversion tracking and audience remarketing development;

  • Generating in-depth reports and insights;

  • Monitoring current trends in markets of interest.

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