Managing social networks is no mean feat. There are a lot of things to do to keep up with changing needs. 

We refuel the tank or charge the battery, depending on the vehicle. In case the engine (content) is not running – channeling in just advertising or money would not help.

Your biggest challenge might be poor engagement in your communication. These are common issues we can solve with a cleverly worded advertising campaign.




Trends, formats, tactics, and “what works, what doesn’t” on social media are changing frequently. The strategy helps you analyze your audience, the communicative environment, and the actions of competitors.

Where would you prefer to work? The way to achieve the latter is through, so-called, employer branding campaign.

Audiences tend to believe in people more than companies, and this is a proven fact.




We are all convinced that all businesses have something to say. Eventually, this will help to sell the product, one way or another.

Their social media activities can be seen by a hundred or a hundred thousand. We handle this uncertainty with Microsoft Excel and empathy.

Learning new stuff requires effort but it pays off once you witness growing audience engagement rates or sales metrics. We have been consulting and training dozens of companies, small businesses, and specialists with different backgrounds and needs.

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