• Gabrielė Meškelytė

TikTok: You Are Looking for Influencers in the Wrong Place

Updated: May 26, 2020

This article originally appeared in Lithuanian on Delfi.lt

When I mentioned Tik Tok to my older friend, she leaned towards me: “Tic Tac”? No, the popular brand has nothing to do with it. Though TikTok and candies have something in common. When you taste one you want more and more, same with rather addictive TikTok’s content. So what is it all about?

The fastest growing social network

Marketers are rubbing their hands - last year TikTok rose exponentially leaving all the competitors in the back seat. No wonder businesses saw the opportunity and set their foot on the unknown land.

The first thing that must be considered - the audience.

The number of Tik Tok users has reached nearly 500M (according to the data gathered in October 2019). Each day the total number of views equals 1 billion. The stat that is not surprising, knowing an average Tik Tok user spends approximately 52 minutes a day on it.

The audience is mainly Gen Z meaning from 16 to 24.

In other words, school kids, university students, or newcomers to the labour market who tend to live two lives, one in reality and the other in digital.

Nothing in common with FB

If your social media strategy targets Gen Z and mainly revolves around communication on Facebook and Instagram, you should rethink it. TikTok offers more interesting and captivating moving content to these youngsters, thus they are fleeing other platforms for TikTok. Eventually, they settle on the new media, based on audiovisual experiences.

Immersive video footage is what makes the so-called 3s attention span irrelevant. In terms of The UI and UX, the platform is designed to suit even whimsical. Combine it with content editing possibilities and you’ll get 500M thumbs scrolling the feed down for hours. And I can tell this from my personal experience.

The lion’s share of content reflects the interests of Gen Z and includes themes such as relationship, homework, annoying elder people (parents, teachers), parties, makeup and clothes. All this displayed in a visual language of memes.

The land of future influencers

Marketers are looking for influencers in the wrong place. A sixteen-year-old on TikTok has more views than Karolina Meschino and Naglis Bierancas combined. And all of this due to a dynamic, fun and relevant content.

This is the time for businesses to hop on TikTok. But keep a single thing in mind - trends are shifting in a blink of an eye and what was viral yesterday may be irrelevant by tomorrow. Meaning even the smallest move must be evaluated or you risk your content getting labelled as cringe.

Business ABC

Last month we invited a bunch of Gen Z individuals to the Agency to discuss and better understand their worldview. Findings confirmed the importance of dynamic and non-repetitive content when communicating on TikTok and social media in general. If you can keep up with these standards - you’ll be just fine.

Another headache is making sure that your product suits the footage and it doesn’t look like a directed piece of video footage. Organic and real are the key factors to gain attention. You can achieve this through challenges and DIY content. If you can - avoid picturing the product entirely. Instead, focus on humour, aesthetic appeal and lifestyle. And remember the more amateur it feels the better.

You won’t need to spend a fortune on post-production and expensive video editing software. The app itself is complete with post-production tools including a vast variety of filters, graphic elements and sound effects.

What are you waiting for? Now is the right time to target the younger generation. Even though Gen Z does not produce significant wealth, their parents are making sure they own stuff. And the best place to reach them in 2020 is TikTok.

Can’t afford to miss out on the Gen Z?

Talk your goals through with a team that already has experience on the platform.