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Taking Apart a €4000 Social Media Strategy of an FMCG Brand

Updated: May 26, 2020

Bonus Material: Social Media Strategy Deconstruction Checklist (PDF Version)

Social media is the ultimate escape.

You lift your eyes up and notice the entire bus of screen-lit faces. All scrolling their Instagram feeds. The billboards pass by unnoticed on their commute.

According to the data from Statista, outdoor advertising is continuing to decline. At the same time, online advertising revenues are expected to grow to $281 billion by 2024. That’s up 23.8% from $227 billion in 2019. Do you have a strategy to capture your audience’s attention online?

If not, this article will help you come up with one. And if you do have a strategy - it’s still worth to skim through and see if something helps you improve.

We took a brand we’re not working with, analyzed what they do on social media, took it apart and talked through the strategic function of every part.

This is a part of the process Caption team uses to create you a social media strategy. The analysis is later used to plan your communication thoroughly. Starting from your visuals and copy tone to finding the audience to run your ads to.

See what awaits in the navigation below.

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Brand Choice

Avoid Assumptions With Data

  • The competition for attention

SUN365 on Instagram

  • #1 - Understanding their followers

  • #2, 3 and 4 - Standard account fields

  • #5 - Stories

  • #7 - Feed

  • #6 - Mentions

SUN365 on Facebook

  • The 1st impression

  • #6 and 8 - Posts

  • #5 - Collaborations via Events

SUN365 in Other Digital Channels

  • Youtube

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest and Twitter


Unused possibilities

A Final Overview of SUN365’s Social Media Strategy

The Fastest Way to Use This to Your Advantage

Brand Choice

There are many brands that are missing their mark with their social media marketing. We’re not going to talk about one of those. Everyone can criticize.

We are going to analyze a brand that is not our client but is selling in a market we have experience in. Their current communication on social media is consistent and well suited for their industry and audience.

Brand: SUN365 Juices

Industry: Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

Channels: Digital, mainly Facebook and Instagram

Let’s get to the analysis.

Avoid Assumptions With Data

To dig into SUN365’s audience we first used Facebook’s own tool - Audience Insights. It didn’t allow us to select SUN365 as the interest, but we found that they are the dominant brand among people with a smoothie interest in Lithuania.

This analysis displays what a large part of SUN365’s audience is like: the other pages they like, their loyalty to SUN365, demographic data. Having this information allows us to narrow down in further research.

This information about the broad initial audience showed us the demographic data and how to narrow down for further research.

SUN365’s audience mainly consists of well educated women, 18 to 34 years old and from the 3 biggest cities in Lithuania. Relationship status has a stronger link to the age rather than interests so we won’t focus on that.

When we narrowed down according to the criteria mentioned above, there was an even stronger affinity towards SUN365. Their Facebook page is 3 times more likely to be followed by this audience than that of their direct competitor Fit Food or any other page.

Some of their other competitors product wise don’t even make the list because of low Facebook like count. Local juice bars like Juiceroom and Nektar’as are relying on walk through traffic and sales.

The competition for attention

Fit Food is their most obvious competitor with their healthy bottled drinks and they haven't posted on Facebook or Instagram since September 2018.

It’s convenient to have a direct competitor that doesn’t compete with you on social media. But that’s only a small part of it. You are in the competition for your audience’s attention with many other pages, with or without product.

As you can see, SUN365 falls in the same category of Product/Service with Lipis phone stickers, MK drama queen custom clothes and Sizeer stores. Based on the like affinity chart juice isn’t their audience’s only craving. They also like Caif Cafe coffee shops, 2 different doughnut shops and Sugamour who are known for their aesthetic sweets.

This competition for attention continues with paid advertising.

Out of their attention competitors, only some have active ads. Holy Donut, Caif Cafe, Sugamour, Tomas Šimkus Photography were running seasonal advertising at the time of analysis. Their direct competitors Fit Food and the two juice bars mentioned earlier aren’t running any Facebook or Instagram ads.

None of the brands running ads are SUN365’s direct competitors nor are they in the long game with advertising that runs for several months. It’s hard to tell the campaign objective, but from the look of it, the ad is for brand awareness or page likes. It has been running since March 2019 and is likely bringing in the results SUN365 wants. The ad’s creative is warm and not pushy which enables SUN365 to run a single ad for such a long time at a higher frequency.

SUN365 on Instagram

SUN365 has a well established Instagram account. 9 593 followers, a visually consistent feed, relevant post copy and a stable posting schedule. But as for many brands on Instagram, feed posts are no longer their main tool for brand awareness.

Let’s take an in-depth look into how they use their Instagram.

#1 - Understanding their followers

At the time of the analysis, SUN365 had 9 593 followers. To better understand SUN365’s audience we took a deeper look into their and their competitor followers.

Fit Food is their closest competitor in Lithuania product-wise with bottled smoothies and other healthy drinks. Lamų slėnis is a magazine that has a target audience SUN365 is trying to reach. SUN365 even went as far as to launch their own yearly magazine SUN365 TIMES.

Here’s a visual breakdown of the data:

Click here for a zoomed in version of the above infographic.

The almost 400 follower overlap with Fit Food is a number we expected to be larger. There can be two reasons for this. The first - Fit Food has not posted on Instagram for over a year. Second, their business model is different and the target buyer more health goal oriented than SUN365’s buyer who wants to be hip.

11.62% overlap with Lamų slėnis shows that SUN365 has untapped Instagram potential. They could use that by improving their content quality or running a campaign together with Lamų slėnis.

Follower activity is in the range that we have noticed among active accounts and shows nothing to worry about with more than 33% of followers having posted in the last 30 days. In comparison their competitor Fit Food has 23.22% of followers active in the past 30 days. Meaning that even if they began communicating on Instagram again - their actual reach would be significantly lower.

SUN365 also has 328 followers who have over 3000 followers themselves and are worth considering for an influencer marketing campaign. The average amount of influencers per 1000 followers is larger than that of Lamų slėnis, but lower than Fit Food. The latter finding is surprising. Influencers should be among the most keen to clean up their followings of inactive accounts.

#2, 3 and 4 - Standard Account Fields

If there is something to learn here, it’s that SUN365 is using everything except IGTV. They have the name set to their slogan. Business category is set right. The description field oozes their values and the usual tone: never forgetting the happiness with SUN, reminding of healthiness through RAW and mentioning their eco consciousness with the most eco friendly bottles, 100% from renewable sources. They even started using the shop section sometime after we took the screenshot.

Call to action button section is clearly geared towards interaction. Apart from the usual Follow you can see 2 buttons asking people to message them. The most obvious advantages of these are that potential customers can ask their questions and those who are unhappy can voice their concerns. Both of these uses also offer them valuable feedback on what people care about.

Their link in profile is leading to SUN365 merch store, and it’s a decision we question. Instead, extending the CTA button functions and leading people to an FAQ section could reduce work. Leading people to a map showing shops distributing their products could increase sales and new customers.

#3 - Stories

Instagram stories are an often underutilized post type in business profiles. Social media managers do not know what to post as stories or consider them unimportant. Everyone thinking so is missing out. The organic reach of stories is high and has overtaken the feed as the main communication medium with your followers. SUN365 are using this to their advantage. Here are the 4 best ways they are or were using stories:

1. Sharing UGC

As we’ll see in a later section, SUN365 is active in influencer marketing. Sharing user generated content (UGC) from both influencers and regular users alike is the most common use of stories on SUN365’s Instagram profile. Sharing UGC also plays an important part in the remaining 3 uses.

2. Promoting product lines and features

The second most common use of stories is promoting new product lines and features. It’s easy to notice at least a few of these among highlights: We Go GREEN, Kombucha, Energy shots, Detox DAY.

This is a powerful way to tie several of your products together and make a multi-part introduction in an immersive, full screen format.

Each of the promotion highlights also have UGC content shared within them.

3. Answering product related questions

This use ties best with the CTA button functions we went over in the previous section. In these stories SUN365 answer the questions they received about their product and availability.

This story format has not been recently used. Likely because their product has changed little.

4. Promoting feed posts

Another use of stories that has since been abandoned is promoting their feed posts. 2 years ago SUN365 aimed towards a more health focused audience. Their feed posts were more informative and required more work. It makes sense to promote such content with a story and enjoy better organic reach.


SUN365’s Instagram feed has gone through a transformation since they first started. It began as a health benefits driven space and targeted a very similar audience to that of Fit Food’s. It is now targeting the hip, city dweller audience that is health conscious but not crazy about it. This change in SUN365’s direction is among the reasons why it now dominates the market.

Regardless of what they were posting, the feed always had visual consistency. This made the first impression of the profile appealing and follows - more likely.

In the recent months SUN365 achieves their visual consistency in a way that requires very little work. They are using 3 or more photos from the same photoshoot and posting several feed posts at a time. You can see the lines of green, yellow, white and further down you would find red as well. All of these are the colours of their products.

When you look at SUN365’s feed there’s a roller coaster tendency. The posts and feed theme cycles between neutral pastels and bright colours. This achieves several goals. It makes their communication less monotonous and creates appeal to a wider audience.

Copy and tone

SUN365 has experimented with their copy and tone. They preferred longer copy in the past which suited their health oriented posts better. They were also in the discovery of their own identity, sometimes explaining their line of communication in copy. This kind of copy doesn’t inspire confidence, but happens during transition.

Despite this, their copy remained consistent. They remained confident in their product’s quality, purity and originality. The general feel remained that of a great product that is also eco-conscious.

The next section will reveal even more about SUN365’s post copy from an analytical perspective.

Most used words in post copy

While it’s easy to notice visual consistency, it’s much harder to do so with the copy. To do it, we went over every post’s copy in SUN365 feed and assembled the most common words into 3 word clouds representing the posts from 2017 to 2019.

As expected, their brand name has been trending in posts throughout 2017 to 2019. In 2018 you can see a trend towards healthiness with keywords healthy and good. It was around the time when SUN365 shared various recipes and health tips in their posts.

2017 has an interesting distinction right below the typical sun related keywords. It’s new. Looking at the post copy we can see that 2017 was the year when SUN365 launched their new website, introduced new tastes and was preparing for the launch of their new shot product line.

2019 shows consistency with even more focus on the brand and their core keywords of raw, organic and fresh. At the end of 2019 SUN365 introduced a new sustainable bottle with keywords of green, nature and bottle.

The best posts

As expected, posts that got the most engagement are contest announcements asking for engagement actions: liking, tagging, commenting. Other than those, the best performing posts had the same trait - they were asking for engagement. A simple question of What’s your choice: mango or strawberry can get you 10 comments and put your post above the rest.

Tagging a place in this post is also a distinction that increased organic reach.


It’s easy to overlook the mentions feed on Instagram, but the information it can offer valuable insights. A marketer can see if the brand is working with influencers and in what markets are they doing it. A potential buyer can use this as the review section on Facebook.

Looking at the posts we can see that SUN365 is now working with influencers to enter the Estonian market. Based on the distribution point map on their website this is a smart expansion. Their juices are easy to find in Lithuania, available in Latvia and hard to find in Estonia.

SUN365 on Facebook

The 1st Impression

#1, 3 - cover and about section

Right upon coming to SUN365 Facebook page you see a young, attractive woman looking at you and smiling. With this cover video SUN365 are drawing the appealing image of what the person drinking their juices is like and what you could be.

The description in the about section is consistent with their post copy and brand. It lacks the punch in the few lines visible, but is an easy and relaxed read when expanded.

#2, 4, 7, 10 - CTA buttons, shop section, reviews and the chat popup

The actions that SUN365 is asking their profile visitors to take are similar on both Instagram and Facebook. The main difference is a stronger focus towards their merch shop on Facebook.

We can only make assumptions about their focus on the merch shop:

  • It’s a new thing they are testing temporarily.

  • It drives a reasonable amount of profit while it’s new.

  • They found it to be an effective marketing channel.

An automatically appearing chat box is a hint towards their willingness to talk to customers, answer their questions and solve their problems. Hearing people out also helps in avoiding negative reviews. This is an approach more businesses should take instead of disabling the review section altogether.

#9 - followers

On Facebook, SUN365 enjoys the attention of over 19 000 people. It’s 2 times more than they have on Instagram, but doesn’t mean 2 times the reach. Facebook’s organic reach is low and the fans are most useful if you run paid campaigns.

Their main competitor, Fit Food, has 21 000 which is not far off, but they have not posted since September 2018. You can find a more detailed overview of SUN365’s competition in the Deeper Look section of this article.

#6 and 8 - Posts

SUN365’s posts on Facebook are very similar to those on Instagram and they reuse many of them. There are notable differences though.

SUN365 uses Facebook for more than B2C branding. They have posts about the company’s achievements as well as their announcements. It’s a midpoint between their pure and B2C dedicated Instagram and the B2B oriented LinkedIn. This content variety isn’t surprising, as Facebook is the platform where “everyone is”.

There’s also an important distinction copy wise. Their Instagram posts are in English while the ones Facebook are in Lithuanian. The copy is also longer on Facebook and tells a story or announces something.

They have also published 15 videos on their Facebook page. Around half of them are interviews with influencers which appeared on their YouTube account originally. These videos have around 4 times less views on Facebook which hints towards lack of paid or influencer promotion.

#5 - Collaboration via Events

SUN365 is also using their Facebook to collaborate with other brands in community events.

To name a few: the largest veg-festival in Lithuania, a yoga studio, fitness club, shopping mall and even a museum. All of them - places where their target audience hangs out.

Looking at the attendance numbers - these events engaged at least 5200 people who clicked Attend on the event page.

SUN365 in other digital channels

Facebook and Instagram aside SUN365 has a presence on 5 other digital channels: YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and ISSUU.

They are less established on these 5 platforms than on Facebook and Instagram. Regardless of their lesser impact, there are at least 3 reasons to have your profile set up on several platforms as SUN365 has done.

  1. You park and have available your brand’s username on the platform.

  2. Profiles you control will turn up in search results due to networks’ established domains.

  3. You spread your message for years by putting in an hour of work to fill the account fields.


SUN365 only has 247 followers on YouTube (1), yet most of their videos have over 20 000 views (2). That is likely the results of videos involving a different influencer every time and being promoted by them. The format is Q&A, they are well produced and feature interesting people who are not camera-shy.

YouTube was the main distribution channel for these videos despite SUN365 re-uploading the same videos to Facebook and Instagram (cut to 1 minute). They had at least 4 times lower view counts on Facebook and Instagram as well as CTA statements asking to check out their YouTube channel and follow SUN365 there.

If their agreement with featured influencers permits it, they could still repurpose these videos to reach new people on Facebook and Instagram. More on this in the unused possibilities section.


SUN365 uses LinkedIn for partnership and company announcements, news, event promotion. They have 99 followers (Update: now 155) on the platform and post once every few weeks. As the impact is small, we won’t go into further analysis here.

Pinterest and Twitter

Pinterest and Twitter are 2 of the least used platforms for SUN365. What we should note though is that even their least used social network - Twitter has its account fields filled out. This way, a potential buyer will still find out what SUN365’s values and benefits are.

Another observation is that SUN365 enjoys over 1 000 unique reach per month on Pinterest despite only having 2 followers there and posting irregularly.


ISSUU is the least known in this list but among the most useful. It is a platform to publish digital magazines and was used to extend the reach of SUN365’s yearly publication SUN365 TIMES.

Magazine covers show the same transformation we noticed on Instagram. The 1st edition has a healthy vibe while the 2nd and 3rd are more lifestyle oriented.

The view counts on ISSUU aren’t available so it’s hard to tell if ISSUU impacted SUN365’s reach. It’s a great platform to publish digital magazines on and was likely used solely for this while content distribution remained the function of other channels.

Unused possibilities

SUN365 is missing out in 2 key areas they could use to increase reach:

  1. Reusing influencer content in their ads.

  2. Cutting up and reusing their YouTube videos with influencers that did well on other platforms.

The 1st is one of the best ways to amplify your brand online. Influencer content has the native, real and recognizable aspect built in. That’s why they would make great ads. We have written about it in an earlier blog post.

The 2nd point could both save them time for content production as well as drive organic engagement. It’s tested material with a recognizable face that has already been paid for. Using it entirely is only fair.

A final overview of SUN365’s social media strategy

Here’s an overview of what we’ve found throughout the analysis:

  • SUN365 is communicating on 7 social channels, most actively on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Their audience is mainly young women, 18 to 34 who are living in cities, are conscious of their health, looks, social image and sustainability. They like to shop in boutiques and indulge in an occasional sweet.

  • Since SUN365 do not sell their juices online, their main goal on social networks is to build a brand. They do this by portraying the life and qualities their audience desires to be. Hip, healthy and conscious.

  • They have clear roles for their social networks. Instagram - international B2C brand building, Facebook - awareness in the Lithuanian market and announcements, LinkedIn - business achievements and announcements, ISSUU - online distribution for their SUN365 TIMES publication.

  • SUN365 reuse many of the same product & model photos over their Instagram and Facebook. This reduces work and creates visual appeal and consistency.

  • Copy on Instagram has transformed over time. It is now plain and aimed towards their core values. They post less often with a longer copy in Lithuanian on Facebook.

  • The brands SUN365 are competing with for attention are from other industries, mainly cafes, boutiques and dessert shops. Their main competitor, Fit Food, is not active on local social media.

  • They have been using paid ads to grow their reach for the past 9 months. Based on how long the ad has run and follower overlap analysis, SUN365 still have enough untapped audience they can convert.

You will have advantages or disadvantages that make your situation unique. For example, SUN365’s main competitor Fit Food aren’t active on their Lithuanian social media page, but they are on their Spanish one. This reduces the competition and lowers the bar for SUN365.

The fastest way to use this to your advantage

The list above and the whole article can guide you through the questions you need to answer when creating a social media strategy for your brand. Your industry and goals may differ, but the main areas to focus on remain.

To make your work easier, we put together a checklist you can use. To get The Complete Social Media Strategy Deconstruction and Analysis Checklist click the button below.

Use this list yourself, ask Caption to create a strategy for you or even send it to the agency that you work with. You will get a great social media strategy using this process either way.

A special thanks to the team at Caption who shared insights about SUN365’s creatives and marketing: Austėja Levickaitė, Neringa Blažytė Junevičienė, Eglė Karanauskaitė and Julius Fedaravičius.

All copyrighted images, logos, other assets in screenshots are the property of their respective owners. Caption agency is not affiliated to SUN365 and this article is intended for educational purposes.