New Nordic

1 year of Exploring Women’s Health Needs



For 30 years Scandinavian company New Nordic has been innovating and developing plant-based food supplements. Especially relevant nowadays, considering the enormous consumer demand for natural products, New Nordic persistently follows a trend of improving health and quality of life in a natural, body-friendly way.

Nature, according to the company, is the core inspirational source for New Nordic supplements. Every supplement carefully selected and adjusted to modern consumer's needs.

Needless to say, most of the New Nordic supplements popular in Lithuania are attracting more interest from women than men.

The bestsellers include vitamins that help to maintain healthy hair, skin, eyes, and ones for dietary purposes.


Due to decline in print advertising, New Nordic is shifting to digital.

The major task is how to create awareness and a unique offer for a

PICKY woman in her 30s-40s?

Communication KPI - to gather a community interested in natural supplements and increase recognisability in pharmacies and e-commerce.​



The strategy started with identifying a clear buyer persona.  At first, we were provided only with demographic indicators. To have an effective plan, the customer’s image had to be clarified.

By fulfilling the key message of New Nordic - the impact of nature on health - we decided not to rely solely on demographics and form a community of women seeking quality of life by using natural products.

Thinking stereotypically, the lifestyle of a middle-aged woman seems clear - magazines, blogs and celebrities are dictating the way they live. However, we chose not to put women under one umbrella. Although the goal is obvious - to improve health, the needs of women are completely different.

We based every post and campaign on specific health issue or need, showcasing a particular product that could help accordingly.



Advent Calendar 2019

Food supplements are one of the most popular gifts of the Christmas period. During December many special offers for gifts appear on social media space, thus for New Nordic, we focused on both, fulfilment and unique value to the consumer.

Every day, following the Advent calendar, we shared a special discount for certain vitamins. Besides the value proposition, visuals worked as a countdown timer to the most important holidays of the year.