How user generated content and good targeting increased conversions

Problem is the largest restaurant database, established in the turn of the century. Over the past 15 years, marketing has not been under much attention, as a consequence, their customers grew older and business failed to attract millennials and especially gen Z to use their platform. Social media marketing strategy they had was not working.



We changed everything about them to talk to the audience as if they’re “one of them” and only targeted their new primary demographic – 18-40-year-olds. Over edited “ad-like” visuals were switched to user-generated content, TL;DR restaurant reviews were replaced by short, attention-grabbing offers to reserve tables at restaurants the audience had already visited, based on FB pixel data. Existing young audiences were targeted more heavily, including their friends and lookalike audiences, thus reaching more “warm leads”.

Straight from the brand


With Caption’s help, restaurant guide gained more exposure among a younger target audience, which in turn grew brand awareness. Not to mention our social media accounts are now livelier and more attractive.



With the exact same budget, website traffic from social media increased by 137% and conversions from social (table reservations, food delivery etc.) increased by 152%. Reach has gone up 140% and engagement – 70%.


website traffic