One can uplift your brand to the stratosphere, while another can land you on the ground.

We handle this uncertainty with Microsoft Excel and empathy. We pair Influencers and brands with the maximum precision and develop a bond based on a sincere partnership.


Picking up the influencers. To make sure influencers and their message comply with the audience - it is important to choose the right faces on social media. Guided not only by various tools but also by empathy and considering trends affecting audiences, we compile a list of the most appropriate influencers for your brand.

Strategy. With your brand and business goals in mind, we create an advertising campaign that comprises a unique, effective idea, key messages, recommendations for social networking, including communication frequency and content formats.

Management.  All you have to do is monitor the metrics. Leave the negotiations, contracts, campaign preparation and management to us.

Ambassadors. We look at partnerships with influencers as long-term collaborations and ask who has the potential to become the face of your brand? Identifying who best fits your brand is just part of the job. Later on, we oversee content production along with distribution, tracking and measuring results.

Additional campaigns. We adapt campaigns in events, print, outdoor advertising and other media. The goal is for your brand to reach an audience at each step, and the Caption is confident enough to go beyond social media if required.


Gifts! It’s a cost-effective way to reach followers of influencers. We ensure the right messages and  shipments reach the right recipients.