Bringing cool kids back



Hesburger, a fast-food chain, tasked us with a tough task of driving foot traffic to their outlets AND making it cool to be there.​

Target: 14-24 y.o. City dwellers. They’re all about reputation, influence and social swag. They’ll go wherever their peers think it’s trendy to go.

Our TA adheres to an unspoken, yet very strict belief system. They have two lists on their minds - “what’s cool”, and “what’s not”.


We faced a challenge mainly for two main reasons:

  • The brand is considered a cheaper alternative to other fast-food chains. 

  • Eating on-site is considered as last resort option by most clients.



If we can make the cool kids proud Hesburger patrons, their peers will follow. Good old word-of-mouth marketing transformed into social media language of pictures rather than empty words. 



That’s why we turned to Influencers and made it our mission to bring as many cool kids on the block to Hesburger - on a tight budget, for that matter.

Cool kids and the ones that don’t consider themselves influencers yet 
Food was the currency. So, the media spend for the campaign = 0 Eur.

  • Our ads and data team scraped ALL Lithuanian Instagram accounts (yes, all >640k of them)

  • We discovered 1059 candidates (having over 3k followers and of our age group)

  • Methodically compared and carefully selected who’s cool 

  • Out of the ones left, we only got in touch with those who have not had ANY partnerships with brands before


  • Snowball effect: eventually influencers started reaching ou to us themselves.

  • The client used influencers’ content for their own communication.


The best part - a habit has formed and regular people started uploading posts directly from Hesburger and tagging the brand. We managed to make it cool to eat-in at Hesburger.