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You will be creating social media posts, stickers, and animations, participating in and organising photoshoots, developing strategies, and making content for the agency's clients on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other social media platforms. You will be doing one job at a time, but sometimes working with multiple clients during the day. Deadlines will be followed by project managers, but you will need to be able to complete the assigned creative tasks within the given timeframe.

What will you do at Caption?

  • Creating visuals for social networks based on (or in conjunction with) briefs prepared by creators;

  • Sometimes create content based on very detailed (maybe even too detailed) information provided by the customer, and sometimes - almost without any;

  • Understand brandbooks and create content based on them, and when we write strategies ourselves, create brandbooks themselves;

  • Be able to adapt to clients: maybe create content for a hip drink in the morning and an investment fund in the afternoon.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Feeling of tastes, styles, tones and colors. Different customers - different expectations;

  • Can create visuals, collages, illustrations with Adobe tools (PS, Illustrator);

  • Learn to work with moving images - editing and motion graphics;

  • Able to understand that yes - sometimes it is possible and better, but you also need to be able to do your maximum in the allotted time;

  • Lack of awareness, empathy and love for people. We hope you care about the success of your customers as well as the well-being of your colleagues.

What do we expect from you:

  • Full-time;

  • 950-1200 ("on paper");

  • Possibility to work remotely several days a week (during quarantine - all the time, ofkors);

  • Office in the center of Vilnius - can give birth to animals (even desirable);

  • Work equipment (ie compass lol);

  • Reimbursement for accrual for retirement (after 6 months of service);

  • Compensation for health services (sports clubs, training, massages, psychologists, doctors);

  • Personal learning and development budget;

  • Company travel, workings, snacks, cafes, caption paraphernalia and similar goodies.

Working conditions:

  •  Empatija. We listen and try to understand. We care about the well-being of ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers. That is the sequence;

  •  Ambicija. A culture of feedback helps us achieve better results and improve;

  • Respect. We treat everyone and all situations with respect.

Caption values:

Jr. Graphic Designer

Write to us with your CV and portfolio attached:


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