A beautiful feed with a tasty summer breeze



For ice cream manufacturers, the summer season is the most intense. Just before that, we started working with DADU - the biggest ice cream manufacturers in Lithuania! How to stand out on social networks with a limited budget publishing only niche products? 


It was a challenge to narrow the communication to one tone suitable for both young and old, knowing that DADU has a wide audience. We started thinking about summer as a keyword. Instead of the usual CTAs, we took a deep look at how do people feel in the summer time. Campaign #VasarosJausmas was born, telling about the everyday situations that each of us experiences during the summer.

antrasig (2).gif




We applied the campaign to Instagram and Facebook - creating a continuous and immersive visual and textual line with stylistic recognition.


Facebook engagement was fueled by storytelling tactics. Here, you could dip into the fog or cool summer night, breathe in forest moss or listen to the rustle of the sea while tasting DADU ice cream.


We have changed Instagram radically. Focusing on a slightly younger audience, we created engaging photomanipulations of ice cream. Instagram has become a surreal summer tale that you can't stop scrolling through.

Straight from the brand

“It was love at first sight or otherwise, ever since the agency came up with the concept for the summer project. 😊 From the moment we started working together, not only image and content improved dramatically, but our brand in the social media space gained voice and cultivated true fans who became loyal and active. We respect our partners for their excellent aesthetic feel, their writing skills and, above all, their ideas of presenting products from different angles, which we think can sometimes be a challenge when we are communicating only a few products.


Thank you CAPTION for wonderful cooperation!"

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