Jumpstarting an agency: a pillar content strategy



It’s April, 2019. 

Caption, a social media marketing agency launched publicly just 5 months ago. 

First few clients were onboarded through referrals, acquaintances and some cold-pitching. Very few inquiries for services and that’s not surprising - a tiny PR presence and a small portfolio can only get you so far.

We needed to scale.

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Caption Team

2019 April


Business objective: 

Secure a sustainable stream of leads coming to us, instead of the other way around

Communication objectives:

Build awareness, social proof and reputation
Acquire top-notch examples of our services and build portfolio

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We have two very strong beliefs that stand as cornerstones of the company

Efficient creativity


  • When we have a great idea, we stop and ask “How can we make the most of it with least resources?”

Team first

  • A happy team will make the client happy

Problem: How do we put our beliefs into action? 

Solution: A content production funnel showcasing our creativity AND all of our services - implemented on ourselves, Caption!

Members of our team were the ambassadors, sharing our experience through Pillar Content Strategy, where one big unit of content was split into multiple sub-topics and distributed throughout the (social) media. Let us elaborate.



Warm compliments and positive feedback from people who've seen our communication during this period. Insights from news media, positive post- trainings impressions and even cute messages from pop stars!


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