How many times you heard a company representative reflecting on B2B by uttering:

  • "The activities of our company are not interesting in the realm of social networking."

  • "Our customers are not using that channel."

  • "We make sales face to face rather than online."

We are convinced, all businesses have something to say. Almost all have Facebook accounts, and even if we don’t sell online, we will at least help build a business reputation and collect leads. Eventually, this will help to sell the product, one way or another.

Just as we grow our sales through B2B channels, we also help clients do so by developing the personal image of their business and executives, through lead campaigns, to expand their circle of salespeople.



and managing content.

Ensuring the brand account appears on the first page of the search, thus maximum visibility is achieved.

Searching for potential partners for e-commerce by inviting to connect.

Deciding what prospects to contact? From cold leads to a scheduled video call.

Developing a strategy to be noticed through interesting and high-quality LinkedIn content.

Tactics for publishing posts, determining the most suitable formats, choosing the right language along with setting text and style standards.

Installation of the LinkedIn Insight Tag on the website to use traffic information for advertising purposes.