Struggling with a small top of mind? Over 1000 visitors but 0 buyers on your online store? 


Your biggest challenge might be poor engagement in your communication. These are common issues we can solve with a cleverly worded advertising campaign. 

We follow the best digital advertising practices. While testing and putting everything into funnels, from acquaintance to purchase, we look for a cost-friendly and most effective way to achieve the desired outcome. Just lay your back and watch the sales curve climbing up!


Preparing for ad release:​


Funnel development. Maps of existing and potential audiences are laid out. Potential funnels are identified, showing where audiences may be lacking and how the budget should be redistributed.

We outline the significance of advertising performance measurement and campaign testing tools as well as their application to specific circumstances.

The installment  

of the Pixel. The synchronisation of product catalogue with Facebook and Instagram platforms. The deliberate use of Pixel helps to ensure the running ad is correctly targeted and sales-targeted. This optimizes your advertising costs by reducing the risk of showing inaccurate and ineffective ads.

Customer Buying Cycle explains the buyer's actions at different stages: Brand/product seeing, buying consideration, purchasing action, and post-purchase stages. This helps to understand what kind of information potential buyers need at different stages.

We run through eCommerce opportunities within the framework of Facebook & Instagram platforms. The principles of operation of the Facebook auction are introduced.

Navigation  through Ads Manager (FBAM), campaign structure, audience building, and parameters: depth, width, and more. Critical attention is paid to retargeting and the audience that is already interested in a particular product or service.