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How to administer 5 social media accounts across 8 countries with fixed budget? How to introduce the rebranded products to new markets? How to develop visual identity under the new brandbook in social media? 


We have unified all accounts because of the renewed brand. Tone of voice, visual identity, communication were based on market and social networking trends to align with a variety of audiences within several markets. Ad campaigns were tailormade for each country, taking into account promotional activities carried out by partners. Also by constantly communicating with clients and following internet trends we’ve run into unique design solutions that reflect brand’s vision and values.




Numerous observations were conducted on interests of the audience, viral events and latest news. The main goal was to impress the audience by producing up-to-date, relevant content. The main idea was to introduce ACME products by showing, how it can be integrated in daily life thus making it more convenient and comfortable.

Straight from the brand

"Communication – we are glad that you are easily reachable via all channels. Agency rapidly reacts to corrections and other observations made on the brand’s side. Visual appeal – finally, a visual style that matches the voice of ACME. Advertising campaigns are effective - noticeable higher traffic to the

e-shops. Very satisfying ratio of price and reached audience.”

2018 vs 2019

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